Thursday, December 22, 2011

Axial Piston/ Bent Axis Pump

This is a fixed volume multi-piston pump. The cylinder block and drive shaft rotate together, and because of the angle between the cylinder block and shaft axes, each piston moves into and out of its cylinder once each revolution.  The stationary valve block has two circumferential slots leading to the top of the cylinder block, which are connected to the fluid inlet and outlet ports, and are arranged so that the pistons draw fluid into the cylinders on the outward stroke, and expel fluid into the systems on the inward stroke.

In this pump the casing along with the cylinders are attached in an angle to the drive shaft and pistons.Due to this angle the volume of the chamber inside the cylinder and piston varies as it rotates. when the chamber volumes is increasing the Inlet port is opened to those pistons with increasing chamber. as the pistons start to go down inside the cylinder the fluid is pressed and pressured, as the piston moves to the lowest point inside the cylinder there its opened to the outlet port on the casing letting the trapped fluid to rush out creating a flow of fluid....


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