Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Types Of Landing Gears

The various types of landing gear are dependent on the design and manufacture of the undercarriage units, 

The main type of landing gear for aircraft over 5700 Kg is termed the TRICYCLE UNDERCARRIAGE.

The tricycle undercarriage landing gear comprises two main undercarriage units and one nose undercarriage unit.  However, there are THREE main variations of the tricycle undercarriage as follows:

Standard (Boeing 737)

·         Two main undercarriage units
·         One nose undercarriage unit

Centreline (Airbus A340)

·         Two main undercarriage units
·         One center-line undercarriage unit
·         One nose undercarriage unit

Wing/Body (Boeing 747)

·         Two main (outer) wing mounted, undercarriage units
·         Two main (inner) body mounted, undercarriage units
One nose undercarriage unit