Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Aircraft Structure Zoning System

Zoning of large aircraft is specified by the Air Transport Association of America in the ATA-100 Specification.
A zone is identified by one of three indicators, depending upon whether it is a major zone, major sub-zone, or simply a zone.

 Major zones are identified by three digit numbers as follows:
Major Zone                                       Area
100              Lower half of the fuselage to the rear pressure bulkhead (below the main cabin deck).
200              Upper half of the fuselage to the rear pressure bulkhead.
300              Empennage, including fuselage aft of the rear pressure bulkhead.
400              Power plants and struts or pylons.
500              Left wing.
600              Right wing.
700              Landing gear and landing gear doors.
800              Doors.
900              Reserved for uncommon differences between aircraft types not covered by standard series numbers.

The standard series is from 100 to 800 and the special series numbers are in the 900 bracket.



how about helicopter? what are the helicopter structure zoning systems?

Unknown said...

This is for Airbus or Boeing?

Nobody said...

This is for Airbus or Boeing?

Deon ng said...

Its common for all aircraft refering to the ATA chapter of the specific aircraft .

Muhammad azhad Hassan said...

My lect asking to zoning all the aircraft for BOEING,AIRBUS,Cessna Citation,fokker and de havilland....help me!!!!!!!!!!

Yasantha Pathirana said...

Hi, general most of the manufacturers follow the standard zonal system. Their sub zones may be different as per the design of the aircraft.

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

I read that Post and got it fine and informative.
remove before flight

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