Thursday, January 27, 2011

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Licences

The primary duty of all licensed engineers is to ensure that the items for which they are responsible are in an airworthy condition.  Whenever work is carried out on an aircraft, it is the duty of every licensed engineer to consider the effect such work may have, directly or indirectly on items that are the responsibility of other licensed engineers.  In all cases where an overlap of responsibility occurs, the engineer primarily responsible for the items must call in engineers appropriately licensed in like categories.  A Certificate of Release to Service must be signed by all engineers concerned, each assuming responsibility for those aspects of the matter which are covered by his licence.

Authorised engineers cannot use their authorisation on any aircraft other than the companies’ aircraft that granted that authorisation unless authorisation has been granted by the other company in writing.

Aircraft maintenance licence can be issued for aeroplanes and helicopters of the following categories:

·         Category A
·         Category B1
·         Category B2
·         Category C

Categories A and B1 are subdivided into subcategories according to the aircraft type its being used:

·         A1 and B1.1 Aeroplanes Turbine

·         A2 and B1.2 Aeroplanes Piston

·         A3 and B1.3 Helicopters Turbine

·         A4 and B1.4 Helicopters Piston


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