Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Removavble Toilets

The number and type of toilets fitted in an aircraft cabin varies according to the size and type of aircraft.
Large aircraft can accommodate several changes to the cabin area including additional toilets.
The removable or portable toilet’ is the simplest type of aircraft toilet and is usually fitted in the smaller types of aircraft.
Often called an Elsan toilet, it is simply a bin containing a quantity of disinfectant and deodorant.  A seat is fitted onto the top of the bin and when the toilet is installed in the aircraft it is covered with a decorative laminate.
At the end of a flight the toilet is removed from the aircraft and emptied.  After refilling with the correct amount of disinfectant and deodorant it is replaced in the aircraft.
Toilets of this type are normally secured by a quick release method of attachment such as pip pin fasteners.


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