Monday, May 30, 2011

Jacking Procedure-Lowering

The general procedure for lowering the complete aircraft on jacks is as follows:
1        Ensure that the landing gear control lever in the cockpit is selected to the ‘Down’ position.
2        Ensure that Ground Safety Locks are fitted on all Landing Gears.
3        Ensure that the Brakes are released.
4        Ensure that all the passenger/crew doors, the emergency exits and the cargo doors are closed and locked or fully open and locked.
5        Clear the area around the aircraft of all ground support and maintenance equipment and ensure that no other work is being carried out.
6        Loosen the jack Safety Locking Collars.
7        Slowly operate the jacks to lower the aircraft at the same time to keeping the aircraft level until all the landing gear wheels support the full weight of the aircraft.
8        Ensure that throughout the jacking operations the jack Safety Locking Collars are kept approximately 2.5 cms clear of the jack body.
9        When the jack rams have ‘fully’ withdrawn into their jack bodies the jacks may then be removed from under the aircraft.  The removal of jacks prior to this point can be dangerous if the aircraft suddenly settles owing to any ‘stiction’ in the landing gears.
10      Apply the Brakes.
11      Fit Wheel Chocks.
12      Reinstate the relevant circuit breakers deactivated prior to raising the aircraft.  Restoring the aircraft to the ‘Ground Configuration’.
13      Remove warning notices from the aircraft cockpit.
14      Remove Safety Barriers from around the aircraft.


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