Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chobert Rivets

Chobert rivets are made with either snap or countersunk heads.  The action of closing a Chobert rivet is illustrated.  When the mandrel is pulled through the tapered hole the rivet head is formed.  As the mandrel continues pulling through the rivet, the shank expands and fills the hole.

Sealing pins can be fitted in the rivet bore.  This increases the shear strength of the rivets and prevents moisture entering.
The manufacturer’s rivet part number is in the form of a code giving rivet material and diameter and grip length in 1/32 in.

Chobert rivets with oversize shanks are available for repair work on aircraft.
The chobert rivet is closed with a steel mandrel which forms part of the riveting tool.  A different sized mandrel is used with each diameter of rivet.  Before use it should be checked for diameter using an approved gauge.  The mandrel must also be inspected for scratches or other damage and must be clean and lightly lubricated.  Mandrels must be replaced when the head diameter has been reduced by 0.002 inch.


Stew said...

Too bad I couldn't play that video part but it's interesting how you can reduce the diameter to that point of an inch. Is that advisable too for an aircraft hardware?

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