Sunday, January 30, 2011

Aircraft DC generator construction

Aircraft dc generators have for the most part been replaced by alternators on modern aircraft.  However, there are still several dc generators currently in operation in older aircraft.  

The Yoke: This is a cylinder of cast iron which supports the pole pieces of the electromagnetic field.

The Armature: This is driven by the aircraft engine and holds the windings in which the output voltage of the machine is induced.

The Commutator: The voltage induced in the armature is AC.  The commutator changes the AC voltage into DC voltage.

The Quill Drive: This is a weak point which is designed to shear and protect the engine, if the generator seizes.

The Brushes: These are made of carbon and collect the DC voltage from the moving armature and commutator.

The Suppressor: This reduces radio interference, which may be caused by sparking between the brushed and commutator.


Yasantha Anuradha said...

Now days the Generator has become a long way since the DC generator and now even brushless generators also exists

Adpower AE said...

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